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After Zwingli’s premature death in October 1531, the then still very young Heinrich Bullinger became leader of the Zurich church. In that capacity he turned Zurich into an important centre in Protestant Europe.

He left behind a body of correspondence involving more than 1,100 people and consisting of 10,000 letters addressed to him and 2,000 written by himself. His correspondence is one of the most extensive of the sixteenth century.

Bullingers Handschrift

Bullinger’s handwriting in a letter written in Latin on August 11, 1547 — Zurich, State Archives, E II 342, 175

Johannes Gasts Handschrift

Johannes Gast’s handwriting in a letter written in Early New High German on June 3, 1547 — Zurich, State Archives, E II 366, 194

The significance of Bullinger’s correspondence

Bullinger’s correspondence offers an enormous amount of information about public and church policy, the intrigues behind the events of his day, the social mood, the economy, the weather, harvests, famines, epidemics, celestial phenomena and contemporary prints, not to mention countless details of special interest to biographers and genealogists.

As a historical-linguistic corpus, this correspondence also provides deeper insight into the development of Early New High German and Latin in the sixteenth century.

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The aim of the Heinrich Bullinger Foundation

The aim of the Heinrich Bullinger Foundation is to make the culturally and historically important correspondence of the Zurich reformer Heinrich Bullinger accessible to a broader public and enable new historical and linguistic research. To this end, his correspondence, which comprises some 12,000 letters in all, have to be deciphered, translated, elucidated and placed in its cultural-historical context.

To date, 3,120 letters have already been published. Unfortunately, since the beginning of 2021 the financing of this editorial undertaking is no longer secured.

The Heinrich Bullinger Foundation was launched in December 2020 with the express purpose of making the publication of all the remaining letters possible.