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Until the end of 2020, the project was supported financially by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Reformed Church of the Canton of Zurich. In the meantime, however, the Swiss National Science Foundation has changed its funding policy. Long-term projects are no longer supported. The Reformed Church of the Canton of Zurich, for its part, cannot afford to finance the project on its own.

An annual budget of about CHF 250,000 (gross wages, social security contributions, IT expenses and printing costs) is expected.

If 250 people donate CHF 1000 or € 1000 per year, the financing of the project would be secured. Do you want to become one of these 250 supporters?

Every donation amount will be gratefully received.



Donation status

Currently, funding for the project is secured until December 2022.

Donations are now being collected for the funding of the year 2023.

  • 2023 66.4% 66.4%


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Please use the following data for an e-banking transfer:

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Zürcher Kantonalbank
8010 Zurich

Account No.: 1148-4531.511
IBAN: CH4100700114804531511


Heinrich Bullinger-Stiftung
c/o Institut für Schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte
Theologische Fakultät
Kirchgasse 9
CH-8001 Zurich

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